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Expensive prices for dental insurance? Do you like nature and also need a dental care? Costa Rica is your solution. High quality dental care with only specialists in paradise.

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Our mission is to provide exceptional dental care and happiness to our patients while they enjoy exploring the paradise of Costa Rica. 

Vision Statement

Our vision is to accept clients on a global level who require exceptional dental services at competitive and accessible pricing. 

Core Values

  • Service: We offer high quality packages and outstanding dental services.

  • Integrity: For each dental area of expertise, we provide a specialist with years of experience. 

  • Efficiency: Coordinate all of your appointments online.

  • Clients First: Provide the best for our patients. 

  • Experience: Specialists with years of experience.  


Our clinic was founded in 2009. With only 10 years of practice, we have had over 12,000 patients. We are proud to say that 100% of our patients are satisfied with our dental care. 

The clinic is always focused on making our patients feel like family, assuring that each one is completely satisfied with the work completed by our specialists. 

Odonto Travels was founded as a family business. The clinic has grown by sticking to our core values, and we are still doing so today. Although our team is small, each member works collaboratively to promote the core values of our clinic. 

Why Costa Rica?

Cost and Quality


The cost of dental services is greatly impacted by your place of residence, and the economic status of the country. On the contrary, the quality of services provided to not depend on the economic status of the country. We strive to provide high quality services with low cost. You can access quality dental results, while paying the Costa Rican market price, which is much lower than other countries. 



Health care in Costa Rica is taken very seriously. Almost every city and neighborhood have clinics and hospitals equipped to treat anyone in any state of emergency.

Water Quality


Tap water in San Jose, Costa Rica is extremely clean. It is 100% potable, even for foreigners. Only small, remote locations of Costa Rica suggest drinking only bottled water. 



Costa Rica is well known for its flora and fauna. Tourism is one of its main sources of income thanks to its safe environment, customer service, and the enormous amount of touristic activities available in the country. 

Food Scene


In Costa Rica, there are many traditional foods. Our small country is known for its unique flavors, variety of plates, and of course, the tropical fruit. Depending on which area of Costa Rica you visit, you can find delicious, authentic Caribbean food. You can also experience the pleasure of Costa Rican coffee, one of the best in the world. 

There’s a saying “Come rico, come sano, come tico”, which translates to 

“Eat good, eat healthy, eat Costa Rican”.  And here, you can certainly do that!

Hospitality and Security:


Costa Ricans (Ticos) are generally gentle, spirited, friendly, educated, polite, and kind people. Most seem to like visitors from other countries and treat them well. 

You can expect to be made welcome wherever you go.

Costa Rica is pretty safe, there are moments where you may feel threatened but we believe that most of the time Costa Rica is safe. 

Our team

Behind every dentist is a whole team of professionals working to make your dental care a success. These are the people that make it possible to focus on you and your needs. All of our Costa Rica dentists have completed their training in the most prestigious dental schools in Costa Rica  and even out of the country. They all have years of experience because we care about your smile and security.



Dr. Viviana Paola Antillón Flores

Age: 41 years.
Specialty: General dentistry and surgery.
University: Latin University of Costa Rica.
Years of experience: 17 years.
Medical Code: 2439003


Dr. María Paola Arango Mejía

Age: 42 years.

Specialty: General dentistry and surgery. University: Latin University of Costa Rica

Years of experience: 18 years.

Medical Code: 215002


Dr. Jean Carlo Rosas

Age: 40 years.

Speciality: Orthodontist.

University: Latin University of Costa Rica.

Speciality University: Peruana Cayetano Heredia. (Perú)

Years of experience: 16 years.

Medical Code: 202501


Dr. Vivian Porras La Cayo

Age: 41 years

Speciality: Periodontist

University: Ulacit 

Speciality University: Javeriana

Years of experience: 18 years

Medical code: 204501


Dr. Gabriela González Venegas

Age: 42 years

Speciality: Endodontist

University: Latin University of Costa Rica

Years of experience: 19 years

Medical Code: 202201


Dr. Alan Miqueo Naranjo

Age: 35 years

Speciality: Oral Surgery

University: Latin University of Costa Rica

Speciality University: UCR

Years of experience: 10 years

Medical Code: 416610

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