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Odonto Travels

Quality dental services at competitive prices in Costa Rica


Get to know us

Our clinic was founded in 2009. With only 10 years of practice, we have had over 12,000 patients. We are proud to say that 100% of our patients are satisfied with our dental care. The clinic name is "Odontología a su Alcance", which translates to "Dentistry at your fingertips" you can find us on Social Media. Facebook as "Odontologia a su alcance" or "Odonto Travels" and Instagram as "Odontocr"

The clinic is always focused on making our patients feel like family, assuring that each one is completely satisfied with the work completed by our specialists. 

Odonto Travels was founded as a family business. The clinic has grown by sticking to our core values, and we are still doing so today. Although our team is small, each member works collaboratively to promote the core values of our clinic. 


Our dental team

Behind every dentist is a whole team of professionals working to make your dental care a success. These are the people that make it possible to focus on you and your needs.

All of our Costa Rican dentists have completed their training in the most prestigious dental schools in Costa Rica  and even out of the country. They all have years of experience because we care about your smile and security.

We only work with specialists in each dental area to make sure you have the best treatment and the best results.